Dear Bear – thank you so much for SFS and all the articles and essays you share for free. These words are exactly what I needed to hear. After 43 years of smoking, I’m finally free. And I owe it to the SFS, and what I learned here. You are right: quitting smoking is the almost accidental byproduct of something else we are doing in our lives, moving into a higher consciousness. (You say that sounds goofy, but it’s not.) I am more at peace,  more at ease, more myself than I have been since I was a child. You literally saved my life.  God bless you, sir. There’s a special place in heaven reserved for you. – – Alice Bierman, San Diego CA.

What a crazy MF’er you are. So crazy I no longer need to smoke. Somehow, you gave me permission to be who I wanted to be. I don’t know how you did it, but you did it. I plan to figure out exactly what happened, and maybe help others do it too. Thanks, dude. — Wilson S. Lucknig, Galveston Texas.

I fell asleep while reading your book. Sometime during the night I set the book aside, and also my smoking habit. I woke up neither a smoker nor a  non-smoker. Don’t ask me how, but something shifted. It was easy. And effortless. I realized I didn’t need to identify with either the “smoker” or “the non-smoker.”  I’m free!  Whatever it is you are doing, keep doing it. — Allison Sharms, Kalamazoo Michigan

I’m smoke-free, after 38 years. Finally, I saw that it really is an addiction of attention, and not nicotie. You made it so simple, so obvious, so straightforward. I’m ready to share your work with whoever will listen, whoever has ears to hear. Jennifer Lincoln -Scholz,  Bristol England

I like the idea that quitting smoking is not the goal. The goal is more grins, more peace of mind. I quit smoking, but the journey continues. Something else is happening in my life that is truly revolutionary. Viva la revolution!   Albert Quickle, Seaside Oregon

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