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friends make it fun

friends make it fun


You Absolutely CAN quit smoking! 

As you’ve noticed,  all the  materials on this website are free and intended to support you in your life’s journey and in the natural process of quitting smoking. I (Bear) am quite confident that by studying these materials and employing these radical tools you will experience more grace, more spontaneity, more honesty and peace during your quitting process than what you’ve been trying “so far.” I’d like to hear from you.

However, to directly experience how these practices and techniques relate to your own personal circumstance, and your unique relationship with smokes (or chews), you are invited to sign up for personal “coaching.”

How You Can Forget to Smoke!

Personal coaching will help you adopt a simple, radically peaceful and non-threatening approach to both your smoking and quitting that leads to simply “forgetting to smoke” (!) Coaching will help you recognize what you, personally, have been getting out of your smokes, and more importantly, what you need for yourself in order to simply walk away and stay away from this goofy habit.
Is personal coaching a magic bullet or miracle cure for smoking? Sorry, no. (Nobody yet has such a cure.) But does this gentle approach actually work to help you quit, much, much better than any other approach ever put forth? Absolutely yes!

Through coaching you will learn how to:
• Not fight with yourself about your smoking (and why not!)
• Talk with others about smoking, without defensiveness
• Actually laugh about being hung up with this goofy habit
• Ask yourself the right questions, at the right time, to make a real difference
• Experience more freedom from tobacco than ever before in your life
• Experience more peace about tobacco than ever before in your life.
• Gently bring this same peace and freedom to your next quit attempt.

“I can’t thank you enough for the gift of life you have given me….After trying everything else for thirty years, this worked!” — Arloa Kirkpatrick, Loveland, CO.

“Your work has helped not only in the understanding of nicotine and all that it stands for, but also in the understanding of myself… and to the understanding of others. I see this as a precious gift and thank you deeply for sharing so generously all that you have discovered.”
– Patricia Sundquist, Surrey, England.

“A wonderful, wonderful work! I love you for what you have done. This is light! ”
—Christian Almayrac, MD, St. Girons, France

“[The Freedom Exercise] has changed my life…Today as I write this I am more joyful and clearer than I have ever been in my life and the joy is abundant and nearly effortless to maintain….You are doing a very important work here, and positively influencing many lives.”
— Russell Smith, Los Angeles, CA.

“[The Peace and Freedom Exercises] are transforming my work and fellow workers, my spiritual life, my martial arts, friends and enemies. You have given a gift of peace to the whole battle with smoking….It’s brilliant and earthy.” —Peter Neihardt, Larkspur, CA.

Bear Jack Gebhardt has been called “The Michael Jordan of the stop smoking game!” He is the author of six books, including the international classic, “The Enlightened Smokers Guide to Quitting” and Help Your Smoker Quit—A Radically Happy Strategy,” and
, “Practicing the Presence of Peace.” His most recent stop smoking books are, , How to Stop Smoking in 15 Easy Years— A Slacker’s Guide to Final Freedom and The Smokers Prayer:  The Spiritual Healing of Tobacco Addiction with or without Chantix, Nicotine Patches, Hypnosis, Jail Time or Duct Tape.  He presented his cutting edge research at both the World Conference and the National Conference on Tobacco or Health.“Bear is funny and bright and absolutely spot on.”


Bear currently offers personal coaching through The Smokers Freedom School — via e-mail, snail mail, phone or in person.

The fee for one month of personal coaching is $100.00 and includes:

  1. Two Text Books: The Smoker’s Prayer: The Spiritual Healing of Tobacco Addiction with or without Chantix, Nicotine Patches, Hypnosis, Jail Time or Duct Tape and How to Stop Smoking in 15 Easy Years: A  Slackers Guide to Final Freedom (If you already own one or both of these books,  substitute books can be arranged.)
  2. Weekly 30 minute coaching sessions via phone, to apply the tools and techniques to your particular history with personalized suggestions for “next easy step.”
  3. Ongoing e-mail and/or texting exchange

(By the way, how much have you spent in the last sic months on your smoking habit? How long have you been spending your money this way? Has that money helped you quit? )

Again, if you’re smoking today, doesn’t it make sense to sign up today?

It’s easy, and quick.
Sign up by contacting Bear here:

Or you can just get started, make it official:
Yes, I’m ready for one month’s coaching. Don’t charge me again unless I tell you to. Thanks.

Hope to hear from you soon! — Bear

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