How to Use the Freedom Exercise to Quit Smoking

Whenever necessary or appropriate, simply ask, “Do I enjoy this smoke, yes or no?”  If the answer isn’t an immediate and spontaneous yes, then it’s a no.

If you don’t enjoy the smoke, put it down– not because you don’t need it, not because it’s not good for you, and not because you’re trying to quit.   Rather, you put it down simply because you have decided to bring more joy into your life,  you are determined , have determined to bring more joy into your life.

If you do enjoy the smoke, then give yourself full permission to actually enjoy it, without reservation, without beating yourself up. Not because you are a libertine, bad boy or bad girl, not because you don’t care what other people think, not because you disbelieve the research, but rather simply because you are determined– you have determined– to bring more joy into your life.



To simply say, “Enjoying my happiness is the most important thing for me and for everybody else”– because it sounds good, or is a neat philosophy, or a testable hypothesis, is a good first step. However, when you actually see, observe, experience the truth of this statement — when you know that happiness really is the most important thing for you and for everybody else simply because your happiness leads to more health, more prosperity, greater family harmony, vocational fluidity, (even spiritual maturity, if that’s of interest to you) then suddenly you have hold of a power in your life that you can trust. Your happiness, your joy will lead you to ever-greater freedom, in every area of your life. (Do you enjoy this thought, yes or no?)

2 Responses to How to Use the Freedom Exercise to Quit Smoking

  1. Becky says:

    I love this advice. Thank you! I’m reading The Enlightened Smokers Guide to Quitting. Awesome concept! I fell asleep last night while smiling. Would like to jot down some replacement thoughts that bring joy.

  2. Bear Gebhardt says:

    Hi Becky– “I fell asleep last night while smiling.” I love it! Can I use that in my book blurbs? Thanks for reaching out. Glad you are enjoying… Peace to you— Bear

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