Nicotine Addiction Is a Lie!

       In my experience, the whole stop smoking industry, although with very good intentions by mostly very good people,  is doing a very louzy job helping people quit smoking, primarily because they (we) have been told that nicotine addiction is the problem. But nicotine is NOT the problem.

How can we know? Because only one or two, sometimes three out of ten people actually quit smoking when following the “nicotine replacement” approach to quitting.  In my view, if your operation fails  7 out of 10 times,  (or, more often 8 or 9 out of ten times) you might want to question your approach, and for sure keep an open mind about what’s happening in your world.

My experience tells me that such consistent failure to help people quit smoking, not only here in the U.S. but across the world, continues to occur– regarldess of new drugs and devices– simply because (more…)

Quitting Smoking and Phantom Pain

     Was reading Donna Eden’s wonderful book, Energy Medicine, — Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitalityand came across her discussiu9on of phantom pain. Most everybody’s familiar with the phenomenon: an amputee who has an “itchy” leg (that isn’t there), or the arm that is no longer there that nevertheless still aches. Eden gave many examples. One that stood out for me was of a fellow who had his finger amputated and then kept the finger in a jar in his mother’s heated basement. A year or so later he felt his finger – his absent finger—being very, very cold. He went to the doctor to ask about it. The doc suggested checking the basement. Sure enough. A window had broken, and the jar with his ex-finger in it was sitting in the jar in the cold breeze. When they fixed the window, and the room again warmed up, so did the phantom finger. He was once again comfortable.

Eden explains phantom pain —with many more examples—as the “energy body” communicating to us. (more…)