One Minute Quit Smoking

A recent essay in The New York Times told about a fellow’s journey to freedom from a two-pack a day smoking habit. His friend had told him about a stop smoking program where he learned to “count to 60” whenever he wanted to have a smoke.
“That’s how long it takes for the craving to pass,” his friend had told him. The fellow thought he’d give it a try.
“On the morning of Q-day, [quit day]… he wrote, “starving, caged rats started gnawing at my gut the moment I’d finished my breakfast coffee. I felt faint. One, two, three …
“And when I got to 60, hallelujah! — a sweet, holy miracle took place and it was just like [my friend] said it would be. I didn’t need a cigarette any more. …Naturally 20 minutes later the rats attacked again, and again I drove them off with a smart 1 to 60. I must have done about 40 counts that first day — the number of cigarettes I would normally have smoked.

“The next day I only had to do 30, and progressively fewer in the following days. Also, as time went by I found I no longer had to count to the full 60. (more…)