What Does a Non-Smoker Look Like?


A client confessed recently that he could not envision himself as a  non-smoker. He had cut down considerably over the time that we had been working together, but was not able to “get over the hump” to completely walk away. “I’ve …

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When That Little Thief Finally Leaves


“The metaphor is probably the most fertile power possessed by man.” —-Ortega E. Gassett Here’s a metaphor: Imagine as a kid you started hanging out with neighborhood pals, one of whom was a lot of fun, very likeable and adventurous, …

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How Attention Keeps Us Addicted to Smoking, and Attention Is the Key to Quitting

What does it mean when someone says, “Pay Attention!” Aren’t they asking for what is most real of us, most precious, most intimate? Our attention is our aliveness! One researcher called attention, the “last refuge of privacy.” So when someone …

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I Ain’t Going to Work on Maggie’s Farm No More

A non-combatant’s view of the book selling wars I’m tickled to announce that my new book, Practicing the Presence of Peace, has just been released by Pathbinder Books. It’s currently available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble (and from fine …

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Our basic theme: Beating up smokers doesn’t work!

A place for smokers to talk and share notes – Go to our Smokers’ Forum A place for professionals to talk – Go to our Professionals’ Forum A place for families to get help – Go to our Family Support …

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