Articles on Stopping Smoking

Here’s an easier way to look through some of the articles on this website:

Freedom from “I Need a Smoke!:  What do we do with this pesky little thought? We certainly don’t fight it!

Quitting Smoking is Not the Goal:  The real goal is simply to live a happier, more peaceable life!

Warning About E-Mail Coaching:  Yes, coaching can be helpful, but you are the star of this game!

How to Quit Smoking in 5 Easy Seconds: Thirty years of studying this topic, and how to get free, rolled into one easy “exercise.”

Quitting Smoking: The Basic Physics  Can you charge just one side of the battery? No. So Quit trying to Quit!

Your Smoking = Your Privacy? :  We need our privacy. And that’s why it so often feels we need our smokes!

I Want to Quit, Don’t Want to Quit, Want to Quit . . . : How do we resolve these back and forth desires?  It’s easier than you think.


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