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Bear Gebhardt

Bear Gebhardt

The Smoker’s Freedom School (SFS) was founded in 1988 by Bear Jack Gebhardt, an ex-smoker, addictions counselor and prolific author. In the years since the founding of this school many thousands of smokers have found permanent freedom and growing peace and happiness through the radical techniques that Bear discovered and refined, (with the help of countless other smokers, professionals, yogis, seers, pirates and kings.)

With the new millennium and new “globalization” of the economy, Bear, an ex-stockbroker, set out to redesign the SFS to reflect his own growing interest in new social business models. Thus, SFS was made into a “social business,” where people around the world can profitably work together to help solve this massively silly tobacco problem.

Through its programs and products the SFS now offers direct quitting services to smokers, to smokers’ families, to professionals working with smokers, and to ex-smokers who want to help other smokers quit.



We invite you to join the fun. Contact:


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  1. Erica Dawn says:

    I was twelve years old when I smoked my first cigarette. At fourteen I was already up to almost a pack a day and still remain hooked at age 37 at almost a pack a day (or more if I’m drinking). I want to quit and be free from this ridiculous nicotine addiction, I want this more than anything. I’ve quit before but always go back to those damned old cigarettes! After exploring your website here I see that you are on to something that is honest, real and life changing. That’s what it’s all about, Right? Changing your life…changing your mind. I want to do exactly that. Thank you for you site and for sharing your insight.

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